Tomoe Nagata - Kinesiologist

Tomoe was born in Japan, and started learning the piano at the age of 3. After graduating from the Tokyo College of Music, she came to Europe to study piano performance at l'Ecole Normal de Musique de Paris.


Because she experienced difficulties in managing performance anxiety on stage, she turned to Kinesiology. She was convinced of the efficiency of kinesiology and started to participate in several kinesiology seminars in Paris.


Tomoe has been practicing Kinesiology since 2010 when she obtained her diploma as a professional kinesiology practitioner from IBK, the Institut Belge de Kinesiologie ( She is also a Member of APK, the Professional Association of Kinesiologists (Association Professionnelle de Kinésiologues)


Tomoe is interested in all kinds of treatment related to wellness and healing. She has practiced family constellation, relaxation, and meditation, among other practices. She is also passionate about Indian culture, which she explores through playing one of the most ancient string instruments, the Veena, learning classical Indian dance, Bharatanatyam, and practicing Yoga.