Session by appointment

How many sessions do I need and

How does a session take place?


Generally one session of Kinesiology takes about 1 hour,

Every person and every issue is different,

so the number of sessions required to deal with an issue can differ.

On average, addressing an issue with Kinesiology only takes about 3 sessions.


Please come wearing comfortable clothes.

Upon arrival, a discussion takes place where the kinesiologist listens to your concerns.

You then take off your shoes and lie on a therapy table. You stay full clothed during the session.

Please Note :

Kinesiology is a very safe, gentle and not painful health enhancing therapy for everyone from infants to the elderly.

Kinesiology does not diagnose or treat diseases. it does not replace a visit to a doctor.

Kinesiology can be used as complementary or an alternative to other therapies to safely and effectively treat a variety of physical and emotional concerns.


Please note also :

Health Insurance rebates are NOT AVAILABLE for the kinesiology session.